Custom Cooling Ice Gel Pad Cushion™

Custom Cooling Ice Gel Pad Cushion™

Custom Cooling Ice Gel Pad Cushion™

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Meet the brand New Custom Cooling Ice Gel Pad Cushion™

  • Direct use, no electricity, no pre-cooling! The cooling effect is very obvious. Sitting and lying for a few seconds can make the human body feel cool and comfortable. It can make people feel cool without any harm to the human body. It can be repeatedly used for more than 3 years and keep cool for a long time. The gentle feeling of a gel pillow allows us to float in the ocean. The pillow naturally attaches to our head curve, allowing our brain to enter the best condition and create a deep sleep.

  • According to the experiment of relevant experts, the product has the health care function of internal and external treatment, not only has the functions of heat relieving and cooling down, preventing heat and fire but also has the auxiliary effect on the prevention and treatment of hypertension, dizziness, backache, neurasthenia, and hemorrhoids.

  • Beautiful and durable. The coat is made of high-quality PVC material by high-pressure heat sealing. It has a unique design. It can withstand the pressure of 200kg without breaking and leaking. It is beautiful and comfortable to lie down

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